Mini DC Motor 75:1 Ratio, 6V Plug

Does anyone now what the type of white plug is on the mini DC motors. Can you get extension leads. If not, it’s going to be a solder job.

I have ordered myself the JST PH (2.0mm spacing) cable extension cord.
From Aliexpress:

But Totem will source them and sell also. It is dearly needed and useful. As you say, otherwise it is a soldering job.

Thanks, I’ve just ordered a set. Pity about the 30-50 days delivery from Singapore. Maybe being delivered by rickshaw?

Thinking back to the Robotic Arm. The motor had screw terminals connected to a 53 board via a motor adapter V1.0. I see the X4 has two Totem BUS sockets. Is there are way of connecting the old 53 and X2 boards.

No. Old TotemBUS system is not compatible with X4. We are shifting to a new hardware and firmware. There will be similar modules for X4 in the future.